Privacy Policy

Besty is a free and safe social networking app that offers its services through mobile applications. To stay in alignment with our users, we avoid collecting extra or unnecessary personal information and aim to collect minimum data and information - “what we collect is fully protected and kept highly confidential”.

Our technology ensures online security is maintained at all times. We will never collect extra personal information from you. Unlike any other social media apps/platforms, our system does not require your important personal information such as mobile number or other extra personal details to signup for our services.

We aim to collect minimum personal information such as name and other types of information such as gender and age which are ( non-identifying demographic information ) . During the services offered, we will never pass your details onto a third party. Some “non-identifying demographic information” may be shared to a third party that are indirectly supporting our systems to provide better performance.

We have been working hard to make it easier on collecting minimum data and information, since your privacy is very important to us and as we take this part extremely serious, important and we aim to highly protect it, we will make it easier than ever before for our users to signup to our services without the need in providing their important personal and confidential informations.

Your Privacy Is Important To Us

Your privacy is very important to us. We designed our Data Use Policy to make important disclosures about how you can use Besty ( the app and its services). We encourage you to read the Data Use Policy, and to use it to help you make informed decisions.

We, at Besty treat the privacy of our ( web / app ) visitors and users with the highest importance. This policy details the measures we take to preserving and safely guarding your privacy when you visit, use or communicate with our sites, web, app, blog or personnel.

Information Related to Use of the Services

Our servers automatically record certain information about how a User uses our Services (we refer to this information as “Log Data”). Log Data may include information such as a User’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, operating system, App Store region, internet provider, the web page that a User was visiting before accessing our Services (when applicable). We may use information to fight spam, malware and identity theft.

Sign Up to our services

Signup or register for Besty app is completely FREE, we offer for life free services. Signing up is quick and hassle free. At the time of registration, we do not collect your mobile number, or email addresses. We encourage you to use your real full name allowing friends and contacts to identify you.

Creating Account And Your Profile Information

When you create an account, you will provide us with certain information that helps the system to identify you, information such as your name or any additional profile information (“Personally Identifiable Information” or “PII”). We may collect other types of information ( non-identifying demographic information ) such as your gender and your age.

Information Collection and Use

  • Information given to us when you contact us for any reason is safe and confidential
  • Your personal information collected in the signup form is safe and protected.
  • Your non identifying demographic informations provided may displayed in app.
  • Your name and your demographic info may be visible by other users
  • Your PII are not visible to others when using hashtag and tagging features
  • You are fully anonymous in some part of the app and features you use
  • You are semi-anonymous in some part of the app and features you use
  • You are “known” in some part of the app and features that you use
  • Recording voice bio, your voice will be publicly available to everyone to play and listen.
  • Your profile photo is publicly available for viewing purposes.

Friends and Contacts

  • User may send friendship request to other users, which can be declined or accepted by users
  • Users can add you as a friend for connection purposes. You may accept or decline.
  • We do not collect your mobile number and we do not ask for such information from you
  • We do not display or promote your mobile number or email addresses in the app.
  • Users may report or block other users directly from profile section, you may unfriend a contact.

Besty app will ask for permission to access your device contacts read. Your contacts from your device will help you to find your friends and add them or invite them to Besty - as a friend or lists them in your profile exclusive bestie list.

Contents and Features

For your privacy we encourage you to read and understand the following features and items in the Besty app.

Besty app provides tagging friends feature ( tagging other users with hashtags ) Tagged users are anonymous and streamed among friends and other connected users in an ephemeral tag post. These tag posts are self-deleting / self-destructing and will be completely and permanently deleted after 24 hours. Other users or friends may tag you as a compliment. The ephemeral friend-tagging feature is a positive tagging model that is used to greet and compliment others in the app. Taggers are anonymous unless if they decide to reveal their identity . Non identifying information such as age, gender & State may be shown in these tag posts - e.g.16 yo female from CA.

Social greeting is a feature enabling users to send and receive positive social greetings combined with positive emojis, this semi anonymous feature allows both the connected users and strangers to greet users. If you are not comfortable with any of the above mentioned features, please do not use Besty ( App ).

Location Information

In some cases we collect and store location information from users. We may use location information to improve and personalize our Services for you. We do not not share these data with any other parties.

Semi-anonymity and anonymity

In the certain part of the app users are semi-anonymous and in some part they are fully anonymous and in some parts they are fully known.

Privacy control and settings

We have enhanced strong in-app privacy settings for our users to control and protect their privacy as their wish. You may turn off your last seen indicators, your online status and you can turn off your delivery reports and notifications.

Secure your account

You may secure your account using your email address and by creating and combining a password or you may use Touch ID to secure your account. More details below about your in-app settings options.

Ad-free Network

Besty is an ad-free social networking service and always will be. Besty’s website, blogs and its Mobile apps along with all other associated products, platforms and services are completely ad- free, we do not sell adverts, and do not provide classified services. Enjoy.

Information Sent by Your Mobile Device

We collect certain information that your mobile device sends when you use our services ( The app ) like a device identifier, user settings and the operating system of your device, as well as information about your use of our services.

Information Disclosed in Connection with Business Transactions​

Information that we collect from our users, including PII, is considered to be a business asset. As a result, if we go out of business or enter bankruptcy or if we are acquired as a result of a transaction such as a merger, acquisition or asset sale, your PII may be disclosed or transferred to the third-party acquirer in connection with the transaction.


Data gathered will not identify you personally. It is strictly aggregate statistical data about our visitors and how they used our resources on the site / applications. No identifying personal information will be shared at any time via cookies.Close to the above, data gathering can be about general online use through a cookie file. When used, cookies are automatically placed in your hard drive where information transferred to your computer can be found. These cookies are designed to help us correct and improve our site's services or products for you.

You may elect to decline all cookies via your computer. Every computer has the ability to decline file downloads like cookies. Your browser has an option to enable the declining of cookies. If you do decline cookie downloads you may be limited to certain areas of our site / application, as there are parts of our site that require cookies.

International Transfer

Your PII may be transferred to, and maintained on, computers located outside of your state, province, country or other governmental jurisdiction where the privacy laws may not be as protective as those in your jurisdiction. If you’re located outside the United States and choose to provide your PII to us, we may transfer your PII to the United States and process it there.

Your Information and how it is Used

Primarily, we collect and store data about you to help us provide better service and products to you. The following are purposes we may use your information for:

  1. At anytime you request information from us via a form or other electronic transmission we may use your information to fulfill that request relating to our services and products. We may also communicate with you on other products or services you may find of interest, only when consent has been provided.
  2. We have the right to notify you of changes to our app, website, products or services that could affect our service to you.

Communication between Individuals

Besty will take reasonable measures to avoid collecting information related to Individuals in the personal communication or group communication. ( chat or messaging ). We do not monitor, tail or collect any information while user is active in the chat streams.

Our services allows communication between users, as a result, some of your information might be shared between you and users who you communicate with, in the app. A connected user ( friend / added friend ) may directly chat with you or exchange messages with you. Your connected friends ( added friends, accepted friends, your contacts ) may join you in a public chat stream or also known as group messaging.

Third Party integrations

In some cases, we may use third party services. We may engage third party service providers for the service performance purposes. These third-party services providers have access to some of your informations only for the purpose of performing services on our behalf and are expressly obligated not to disclose or use your info for any other purpose.

Modifying Your Information

You can access and modify the PII associated with your Account via the in-app “Profile Settings” section. You may edit or amend your PII. In-app settings function allows you to either “ Logout “ ( if you have previously secured your account using email or Touch ID ) or “delete your account”.

You may “delete” your Account via the App from your profile settings and privacy section or contact us. We’ll take steps to delete your information as soon as is practicable, but some information may remain in archived/backup copies for our records or as otherwise required by law. In case of deleting your account, all your identifying information including your account activity and contents, friends, and contacts will be deleted immediately and permanently.

Our Policy Towards Children

Our services are not directed or provided and not promoted to persons under 13. We do not knowingly collect PII from children under 13. If we become aware that a child under 13 has provided us with personal information, we take steps to permanently remove such information from our files as soon as possible and terminate the child’s account immediately.

User requires to secure their account via in-app settings, this can be done through Touch ID or email address. Only secured account have the logout option.


Regular updates of the Privacy Policy are completed, requiring you to check back on these policies from time to time. This Privacy Policy is covering the initial release(s) and will be updated again soon.


Please contact us via web contact form at www.Besty.App if you have any questions about the Privacy and data use Policy.